10,000 Facebook Likes in 10 Days – New Book Release

I’m three weeks into January and it’s been a productive month already! I regularly write and publish fact and joke books, but after far too long I have brought out a new ‘serious’ book. After my experiments with affiliate marketing and social media last year I have put everything I learnt into my new book – How to get 10,000 Facebook Likes in 10 Days.

For only $2.99 I outline several methods that will get you or your business almost unlimited likes onto your Facebook page, without spending a single dollar. Am I just going to tell you to jump onto Fiverr or spam people, I hear you say? Hell no! My methods get you TARGETED likes from people that are actually likely to buy from you or be interested in your product/service.

Here’s a quick excerpt:


In mid 2013 I set out to discover how so many seemingly pointless Facebook pages had garnered up hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of likes. These weren’t the pages of huge companies like Coca Cola or social media savvy celebrities like Miley Cyrus. No, these were pages called ‘I love cats’ and ‘Let’s party’. The pages themselves did little more than post pictures or affiliate links to products, yet they had a loyal following of real people and it wasn’t uncommon to see posts with thousands of shares, likes and comments.

So how did they do it?!

After lots of Google research I couldn’t find my answers. There were a few nuggets of information, but it seemed like no one wanted to give away their secrets. So what better way to find out than to immerse myself in it and learn from the inside.

It took only a few days before I learnt my first lesson – from a lady who quickly (and rather rudely!) informed me that my like-building techniques were frowned upon in their community. Oops. More on that later though.

After about three weeks I had created a Facebook page with 25,000 likes. Approximately 5,000 of those were from Facebook ads, which I used simply to test their effectiveness and so I could compare the two methods.

What is most important to mention that the likes that I got were highly targeted. I wanted to target American women aged 25+, but British was my second preference. In the screenshot below, you can see that I achieved that. Obviously it is almost impossible to have 100% of your likes in your target demographic at this scale.

Since then, I have built two more Facebook pages using the exact same methods (but more finely tuned the second and third time round). I had to check it wasn’t just a fluke!

Now, I want to share those methods with you so that you can build up your own Facebook page. They really are very simple – so don’t be scared!

Want to read more? Check it out here – 10,000 Facebook Likes in 10 Days. And if you like it (or don’t like it!), I’d love to hear your opinions! 


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