So here I am… finally documenting all of my triumphs and, yes, failures in the online sphere. For the past 8 years or so I have made a tidy income writing online (my methods of which are documented in my book:  (shameless plug!)). But over the past couple of years or so I have decided that I want more than that.

I’ve spent ages following the enviable talent and lives of some of the world’s leading web-preneurs and there’s nothing that they do that technically I’m not capable of. But, like most of us, I previously haven’t done anything about it — other than keep reading more about it.

Until now.

Just a few hours before writing this post, I was reading a post from one of the said web-preneurs, Noah Kagan, and one particular line kicked my butt into gear:

“Knowledge without action doesn’t do sh*t for you!”

That’s right, you can keep on reading about people doing kick-arse stuff and earning the money that could be yours, but unless you take action you’ll still be heading back into the office on Monday.

So what my website will be, I’m not entirely sure yet (I haven’t given it much thought, really!), but what I do plan to do is post all my inspiration, ideas and influential findings on here. And I hope that I can build up a community of us wantrepreneurs’ who will be the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Here goes…