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Job Hunting: Is there a place for web-preneurs in the corporate world?

When I left my full-time job late last year I set myself a goal to achieve a certain amount of passive income through affiliate marketing/AdSense and ebook sales, and I have achieved that. I thought I’d be feeling exhilarated, but it has just been a massive anti-climax — now what?

splashAfter three months of only leaving the house to check the mail and wiping pizza (delivered, of course) crumbs off my keyboard, I am now ready to emerge from my digital nest and head back into the real world again. Although that doesn’t mean I won’t be continuing my entrepreneurial efforts! I just like to be super busy 🙂

So yesterday I began the tedious process of job hunting. What makes it so tedious is that I’m not quite sure where my skills and interests belong – if anywhere. What am I?

Putting together my resume was a 24 hour job that involved going back and forth between the usual, stock-standard information or throwing in some nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom. I found a medium between the two (check it out here), but then the bigger problem arose when I started writing cover letters.

Now I’m primarily a writer and I’ve written all sorts of rubbish (quality rubbish, mind you!) over the years, but the fabled cover letter has me stumped. How do you explain that you’ve spent the past couple of years buying and selling domain names, growing and monetising social media pages, and writing ebooks – not for a company, but for yourself. It’s not a business that you run, just experiments and projects – so where does that fit into the traditional resume or cover letter? Do recruiters take those things seriously or just head straight for the corporate experience?

I’m writing this as I hope to generate some conversation with others like myself: the new-age digital nerd, the people who don’t quite know what they are when asked ‘what do you do’ (I find ‘entrepreneur’ sounds too pretentious!). What are your experiences – what types of roles have you found that fit your skill set as well as satisfy your need for fast-paced innovation?

Is there a place for us out in the big wide corporate world, or are our skills limited to our own ventures? 


Using eBooks for Inspiration

For my first official blog post, I thought I’d give you the low-down on where I’m at with my quest to take over the internet… mwahaha!

Although I may not have the finances to show for it, I do have a lot of knowledge of how to make money online. I know what the options are…. affiliate marketing, Google Ads, website flipping, blogs, eBooks… the list goes on. But which one will work, and more specifically which one will work for me? I’m still not sure.

Perhaps this is my problem in getting started — there are too many options! My journey began late last year when I downloaded a free copy of this ebook:  Building a Niche Site Empire (I still turn to this book, and their blog for inspiration!).

I got such a rush of motivation after reading their book that I went out and bought 100+ domain names using their techniques! Good financial decision? No. First lesson learnt? Yes!

Since then, I have downloaded dozens of different eBooks that claim to be able to make you rich. These aren’t gimmicks either (well, not all of them). They are usually written by online marketing gurus who have genuinelly made a lot of money from their methods (and will now make even more money selling their methods!). Their methods have been proven to work, but that does not mean that you will make your first million by the end of the week.

My message here is not to discount books that you think are too good to be true – read them, absorb the information and then build your own path to success. That’s where I am right now — I have the knowledge, now it’s time to put it into action!

I will be posting reviews of my favourite eBooks in the coming weeks – so keep an eye out 🙂