How to Optimise your Amazon Book Page

How to Optimise your Amazon Book Page

A couple of weeks ago was my one-year-on-Amazon anniversary – I don’t expect cards and presents (I know you wanted to!) – but I do feel that I now have some decent experience in getting the most out of Amazon’s KDP platform. Now, what I’m going to share with you in this post really, really does work. The business woman inside of me wants to sell this information in a book, but the writer in me knows that it would be hard to write a 5,000 word book on some information that only needs a couple of paragraphs 😉 So I thought I’d share it with you all for free.

Now, this technique won’t be ground-breaking stuff for the Amazon veterans out there, but for beginners and even advanced KDP publishers, these small tweaks can seriously make a huge difference to your bottom line. I made the below changes to my books and within days my sales were doubling and I was ranking at the top of Amazon searches for my keywords. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent 😉

All it takes is a few tweaks to your book description and title. Those familiar with SEO techniques will recognise these steps as being very similar to the way that you would optimise a webpage. The first step is to know what your keywords are… I won’t go into that now, but this assumes you have already done your keyword research.

Here is what you must include in your book description:

  • One H1 tag
  • One H2 tag
  • Your keyword in bold, italic and underlined
  • 5+ mentions of your keyword within the text

The below is a template you can use:


increase amazon book sales


That should be pretty self-explanatory, just some simple HTML tags. You can’t see what they look like until your book is published, so always double check you’ve got them right… lesson learned too many times 😉

Now, using those same keywords, you can also optimise your title. There are several places you can chuck in your keyword that most people don’t even bother to take advantage of! I always use the subtitle, publisher and series sections to further optimise my books. See below for an example:

increase amazon sales


So go on – get to it! Try it out and then come back and let me know how you go 🙂 I’ve tried it on 25+ books and it makes a huge difference.


Got any other nifty ideas for increasing amazon book sales? Comment below!





  1. I used the above techniques and have had positive results. After a week of sales under this optimized Ebook description, I’ve sold more than the past three weeks combined – even after raising the price by $3. Thanks!!

    • Fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I haven’t tried raising the price of any of my books yet – but that’s probably the next thing I’m going to try! Will be interesting to see if it makes a difference to sales.

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