Since discovering Kindle Direct Publishing around three years ago, I have gone from publishing one simple ebook on social media (with a very questionable cover design!) to a collection of 60+ books, many of which are global bestsellers in their categories.

Around a year ago, I moved into print publishing, which has been an amazing learning experience. Through my books, I get the opportunity to combine research, strategy, design and marketing to create products I’m proud of and that provide an income that allows me the freedom to explore other opportunities.

If you are interested in publishing a book — in ebook or print form — I’d be happy to guide you through the process. Get in touch.


Below is just a small selection of some of the more ‘serious’ books I have written. Feel free to check out my author page for the rest of them, and keep an eye out as I’m always working on my next book.



The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Writing Online

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Experienced writer and avid traveler, Jenny Kellett, gives you everything you need to know to make a living writing online.

She started making money writing simple articles online while at university and seven years later continues to do so while traveling the world with her laptop.

This easy-to-read and no-nonsense eBook is the most comprehensive guide to online writing on the market.

There are no outlandish guarantees to make you a million dollars over night, just honest advice to make an honest salary without sacrificing the freedom you’ve always wanted.

Amazon verified review:

This is a great read for anyone considering making a living by writing online. Jenny Kellett has put together a practical, no-nonsense guide on how to get started in the business of freelance writing. I enjoyed her honesty about setting proper expectations on what one can expect to earn as well as the process of transitioning into such a role from a full-time day job.

As one who enjoys writing, I think this is a must-read. Freelance work is not for everyone and this book can help the reader decide if this is something worth pursuing.

Highly Recommended,


21 Website that Pay you to Write




facebook likes

Get 10,000 Targeted Facebook Likes in 10 Days – a step-by-step guide


Want to check out some of my other (less serious!) eBooks? Here’s my Amazon author page.