NEW: Niche website packages

NEW: Niche website packages

I have been building WordPress websites for years and there’s not much I can’t make happen on it. Since quitting my job a couple of months back to focus full-time on mastering the ways of the web, I have built over a dozen different websites for a variety of niches. My current project is building and monetising websites – but I’ll be posting more about that in the coming months!

Now, for a limited time only I am offering a fantastic package for small businesses and niche website entrepreneurs.

For $500 you will get the following:

  • A fully search engine optimised WordPress site with choice of theme/colours/style etc.
  • Five professionally written articles optimised to your choice of keywords
  • Keyword research within your niche (if required)
  • Basic logo/header created in Photoshop
  • All of the best (tried and tested!) plugins to maximise on-site SEO
  • WordPress installation (if required)

Contact me to discuss your needs and find out if it’s included in the package. Depending on how long it takes, specific requests can be accommodated free of charge.

Why can I offer it this cheap?

Having built so many WordPress sites in the past year (and especially in the last few months), it really doesn’t take me very long to put one together. It might only take me a day or two to build you your fully optimised website, but it could possibly take you a lot longer.


As I have learned the past few months, the most frustrating thing about getting into the niche website game is the time it takes to get things up and running after finding a potential big-ticket keyword. My expertise is in optimised websites, yours might be in affiliate marketing and aggressive back-linking campaigns. For $500 you can save yourself a few days work and concentrate on what you do best.

I can also build basic business websites, which are perfect for small business owners. Here’s one I made earlier:


You might not want the full package, and that’s fine! Hire me by the hour, for a few articles – or a lot of articles, or for some on-site SEO. I’m pretty flexible and love taking on a variety of projects. Just get in touch for a chat!

You can also add extras onto the package, including extra articles and social media integration/management.


BDI Home Finders

Best Acne Face Wash

Compensation Attorney

NOTE: I do NOT outsource any of my work – I do it all myself. Because of that, I can naturally only take on a few clients at a time. I love to work, but I also like to play 🙂

Interested? Great! Send me an email.

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